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Useful tips for your upcoming kitchen renovation

Does your kitchen meet your expectations? Would you like a change without spending a lot of money? Here are some tips and living examples how you can cleverly spice up your kitchen area:

Dark kitchen front kitchen renovation forest green

Dark kitchen fronts

Kitchens in dark colors are all the rage. The kitchen fronts painted in green, contrasting worktops made of white marble and kitchen accessories made of copper feel moody. Stainless steel enhances the overall dramatic effect.

Facade cladding with wooden slats kitchen renovation wood

Facade cladding with wooden slats

Wooden slats in the kitchen? Natural wood is making a comeback in kitchen design. The wall shelves and kitchen fronts appear minimalist and at the same time with a great feel.

Floor-to-ceiling kitchen equipment-kitchen renovation cup rack white

Floor-to-ceiling kitchen equipment

Clever, ceiling-high cabinet systems attract attention. Nobody would turn their back on the practical and hidden storage space.

Kitchen tone on tone kitchen gray pendant lights bar stools

Kitchen tone on tone

The tone-on-tone combinations are among the most popular trends this year. Similar shades have a calming effect, an important property in the kitchen.

Wall design with metro tile kitchen renovation, wood wall tiles, white

Wall design with metro tiles

Do you like the effect of the metro tiles? This wallcovering will remain modern this year as well. For the optimal natural look, a few scratches and visible plaster are deliberately left on the tiles.

Matted surface kitchen fronts white marble modern

Matt surfaces

Matt kitchen fronts and finely honed, polished natural stone surfaces are in. This year, natural colors are preferred instead of shiny nuances.

Professional gas stove kitchen renovation, marble back wall

Professional gas stoves

The gas stove could no longer be described as dangerous. It is also well known that professional chefs prefer to cook on gas stoves. It is probably time to ditch the ceramic plates.

Give the drawers a new color - kitchen renovation mint green and white

Give the drawers a new color

The snow-white kitchen passes on the relay of the colorful kitchen. Light and bright kitchens are pleasing to the eye, especially in great green and blue nuances.

Heavily veined marble kitchen renovation kitchen rear wall

Interesting marble finish

The marble worktops are eternal classics, now they appear a little different. The stone has a heavily veined look. This variant of the darkened marble furnishing gives the room an exciting and unique look.

Handles from leather kitchen renovation light fronts

Leather handles

The importance of the details: the housewares are relevant, how about an ornament on it? Leather accessories for the kitchen are currently very popular. The light brown leather can be easily adapted to the light gray kitchen fronts. Other color combinations would look gorgeous though.

Labyrinthine effect kitchen renovation white wood

Labyrinth-like effect

For a long time, the open kitchen equipment was number 1 for interior designers and house residents. But now and then you want to bring something mysterious into your home design. We see a uniform floor plan with enough space, as well as a kind of pantry that is emerging behind the corner.

We showed you interesting living ideas. Are you now planning to renovate your own home? Do you also want a modern kitchen that is as practical as possible? Then let our picture gallery inspire you!

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