Vehicle Center Dietz: Megastore in Lichtenfels

For the megastore in Lichtenfels, Sandra and Arno Dietz from 4×4 and More / Vehicle Center Dietz bought a plot of land with an area of ​​4,000 m2 and an old factory building with 1,800 m2 in Lichtenfels last year. Megastore in Lichtenfels: Dietz vehicle center with 3,000 m2 of covered floor spaceIn the meantime, the old building has been completely renovated for their main line of business – the production and sale of furniture parts for the furniture industry – and the building permit for the new workshop has already been granted. “Since we have different hazard classes in the building with our paint shop, vehicle storage facility, workshop and showroom, we had to have a complex fire protection report drawn up,” reports Sandra. “In addition, our property is right next to the noise protection wall of the four-lane expressway and under a high-voltage line, which also caused months of delays.” But no matter – now we’re getting started, the new building has started.

Megastore in Lichtenfels: Will be one of the largest in the industry

Two showrooms of 300 m2 each will be built, one for quads, the other for side-by-sides and tractors, as well as a 700 m2 shop with a warehouse for accessories, clothing and everything important to do with vehicles. Vehicle Center DietzThe whole thing should be finished in spring 2015, when it will be called ‘Dietz Vehicle Centre’. “Let’s see if winter is on our side,” says Arno, whose company with more than 3,000 m2 of covered usable space should be one of the largest in our branch. amy

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