Vontaze Burfict Net Worth

Vontaze Burfict is an American Football Linebacker for the Oakland Raiders of the National Football League. Known for his off-field behavior and fines/suspensions for it, he has made headlines often.

He attended Corona Centennial High School where he played for their football team. Now married with two beautiful daughters of his own, he enjoys spending his free time watching and coaching football.

Early Life and Education

Although exact details about Vontaze Burfict’s financial earnings are currently unavailable, it can be assumed that his NFL contract represents a substantial source of income. Furthermore, successful athletes often secure endorsement deals that further increase their earning potential.

Born in Los Angeles and educated at Corona Centennial High School where he played football before attending UTEP and Akron colleges for college studies. Raised by their single mother who worked as a city transit bus driver; together they raised DaShan Miller as their older half brother DaShan Miller was their only sibling.

Burfict and Brandie Labomme first met during high school. She graduated at the same time, attending Arizona State to study business communications and French. Together they now share two children.

Professional Career

Vontaze Burfict has been playing professional NFL since 2012 and has amassed an estimated earnings of $12 Million throughout his career with the Las Vegas Raiders. His professionalism and ability to maintain peace both on and off the field is renowned among his peers.

Born in South Los Angeles and raised by his mother who worked as a city transit bus driver. DaShan Miller (his half brother), also played college football.

He currently dates Brandie Labomme, who graduated with a Bachelor in Business Communications and French from Arizona State University. They have been together for several years and enjoy spending their free time together.

Achievement and Honors

As a linebacker, Burfict is known for his intensity and leadership on the field. He has earned many accolades throughout his career – including a Pro Bowl selection in 2013. Even with his controversial style of play and frequent suspensions, he remains one of the most influential players in the NFL.

At school, he earned Parade High School All-America recognition and Pac-10 Defensive Freshman of the Year honors. Undrafted during 2012 NFL Draft season, he signed with Cincinnati Bengals instead.

He is an active philanthropist, using his platform to make an impactful difference in the community. Together with Brandie, an educator at Centennial High School in Frisco and their two children, they enjoy an active family life together. Brandie shares updates and moments from both professional and personal aspects of life on social media regularly; in turn he shares these updates and moments on his page too!

Personal Life

Vontaze Burfict was born in Los Angeles on September 24th 1990. As an extraordinary football player and one of the country’s premier linebackers, he has attained legendary status; however, legal issues and controversy have sometimes obscured his on-field performance.

He has been suspended several times for violating NFL rules and fined for his rough play, earning multiple suspensions and fines as a result of it. His reputation for hard and sometimes illegal hits goes back to high school days; parents frequently asked his mother to tell her son not to hit their kids so hard. Due to his disregard for player well-being, this has resulted in multiple suspensions with fines totalling $4,038,534 since joining football as his major source of income.

Net Worth

Vontaze Burfict’s high-intensity playing style has resulted in numerous on-field disputes and incidents that have cost him $4.2 million in fines and forfeited pay over his career. Although his talent on the field cannot be denied, many believe his off-field issues have overshadowed them and diminished the NFL’s image.

At Corona Centennial High School in Corona, he excelled at both football and basketball – becoming both Parade and USA Today All-Americans as well as an All Pac-12 selection. After high school he continued his athletic pursuits at Arizona State University as a football player.

His mother was a city bus driver who raised him and DaShan Miller alone until she remarried; later moving them both to Corona where he currently plays linebacker for Oakland Raiders of the National Football League.

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