What alcohol can you buy in Germany from the age of 16?

What alcohol can you buy in Germany from the age of 16?

From the age of 16 you can buy beer, wine, sparkling wine, cider and other beverages in which the alcohol is produced by fermentation and drink them in public.

Can my parents ban my boyfriend?

yes they can If your parents think your friends are a bad influence on you, they are allowed to forbid you from seeing them. Your parents are responsible for your upbringing and safety. They can’t ban you if they just don’t like your friends.

What must the parents do for the children?

The rights and obligations of parents are basically described in the German Civil Code (BGB): “Parents have the obligation and the right to care for the minor child. Parental custody includes care for the child (personal custody) and the child’s property (property custody).

Should we check children’s cell phones?

If a smartphone is given to a child who is still a minor, the parents must supervise the use of this mobile phone. This constitutes a breach of parental supervision, which necessitates measures to protect the well-being of the child.

Who can control my cell phone?

Do I have to unlock my phone? Suppose the police have rightly confiscated a cell phone. If there is a suspicion of a crime, the police can confiscate a mobile phone. In order to be able to control it, however, she must ultimately unlock it herself.

Can the police crack my phone?

A 128-bit or 256-bit AES encryption is used with all operating systems of common mobile phones (iOS, Android or Windows Mobile), which – if implemented correctly – is currently unbreakable. The investigative authorities have no way of decrypting the data on the cell phone.

When can the police stop me?

5 sentence 1 StVO, police officers may stop road users at any time and without cause for traffic control. During the traffic control, the affected motorists and the controlling police officers have certain rights and obligations. Can points, fines or a driving ban be avoided?

Do I have to show my ID to the police?

Anyone who does not have their identity card with them must provide verbal information about themselves. Does the police officer have to show me my service ID and service number? In the case of official acts and upon request, police officers must identify themselves, especially if they “exercise direct coercion,” explains Melanie Solmecke.

When do I have to show my ID to the police?

1. “You have to answer all the questions the police have.” However, if the police assume, based on certain facts, that the person questioned could provide information about a dangerous attack or is even connected with it, they may determine the identity of this person in accordance with Section 35 SPG.

Are you obliged to be able to identify yourself?

In Germany, according to § 1 PAuswG, there is an obligation to provide proof of identity, but this does not result in a general obligation to carry proof of identity. A special case in which an identity card or passport must be carried is, for example, carrying a weapon (§ 38 WaffG).

When do you have to show ID?

Identification of citizens. Summary: If you are 16 or older, you must have an ID card, but you do not have to carry it with you at all times. One of the most common misconceptions is that in Germany you always have to carry ID with you and show it to the police when asked to do so.

What happens if you don’t have ID?

This identification requirement is laid down in Section 1 of the Personal Identity Card Act (PAuswG). Anyone who does not have a valid identification document is committing an administrative offense, which can be punished with a fine of up to 3000 euros.

Who do I have to give my identity card to?

The most important things about proof of identity in brief You only have to hand over your identity papers to state control authorities upon request. Others may only view the identification documents subject to your consent.

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