What Apps Let You Send Money With a Credit Card?

When it comes to managing your money in this day and age of electronic marvels, there are plenty of elephants in the room. For example, one of the most common questions that many app experts hear nowadays is, “are there any apps that let you send money with a credit card?” The answer to that is if you look hard enough, it is an emphatic “yes!”

As noted by the experts at Sofi, the ability to send money from credit card transactions is becoming increasingly popular, especially when one is strapped for cash. What apps allow you to send money from a credit card? Take a look:

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Even though PayPal is definitely not the new kid on the block any longer, they are still one of the most efficient options out there for app payments with a credit card. They are able to offer their app for iOS, Android, and even Windows, and all it takes is a minute to download their app and start transferring money to multiple people. As far as credit cards go, PayPal will allow you to do it as long as you pay 2.90% along with a fixed fee.

Cash App

Cash App is owned by Square, Inc. and they recently scored the highest in the low fees category. This means that you not only can send Cash Apps payments with your credit card, but it won’t break the bank either. Cash App is very simple, due to the fact that you either are getting paid or doing the paying; nothing more and nothing less. At the date of this writing, Cash App supports credit card payments through MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover. The biggest concern with Cash App is that you have to make doubly sure that you don’t send the money to the wrong person because the only thing you can do is request the money and hope that the person is honest enough to return it.


Venmo is a payment app that offers its customers the best of both worlds. They will get a quick and easy way to send and receive their funds, but they also can acquire a “parking place” for the cash they send. You will have the ability to send, spend, or transfer money sent via Venmo to a bank account. The money is moved instantly and it offers a peer-to-peer payment app as well. Venmo allows for credit card transfers by charging a 3% fee of the total. While it might be a bit higher than other credit card transactions, this app is very versatile. They allow you to send money via an Android or an iPhone simply by creating a secure password and establishing a sign-up method.

These are just a few of the apps that will allow you to send money using a credit card. Obviously, the best thing for you to do is shop around and find the best money app to meet your needs and fully fit your budget at all times.

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