What are development steps?

What are development steps?

First words, first steps, exploring the environment, willingness to do it yourself – the first words, the first steps, exploring the apartment, playing with building blocks, water and sand – in the second year of life, small children go through many developmental steps.

What does physical development mean?

Physical and motor development in infancy and early childhood. Infancy and early childhood are characterized by rapid developmental progress, which is initially reflected in physical changes (growth), improvement in sensory performance and the expansion of motor skills.

When will the uncontrolled movements in the baby stop?

From about three months: postural control and targeted movements. Babies soon manage to control their movements better and better: around the third month of life, the child slowly and carefully begins to move their arms, hands and fingers in a targeted manner. The movement of the body decreases more and more.

What influences motor development?

What influences motor development? Studies have been able to identify negative and neutral factors in motor development. Baby motor development can be affected by the following factors: Low birth weight.

When does the nervous system form?

The development of the brain and nervous system begins in the third week of pregnancy in the embryo. By the end of the 8th week, the brain and spinal cord are almost complete.

When is the human brain mature?

Brain development in humans (also: brain development) begins in the third week of pregnancy and is only largely completed after puberty, more than 20 years after birth. Of all primates, humans have the largest brains in relation to their body mass.

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