What are extrajudicial costs in civil proceedings?

What are extrajudicial costs in civil proceedings?

Extrajudicial costs are the other costs incurred by the parties, in particular the lawyer’s fees, the party’s travel expenses and the costs for expert reports, insofar as these were only necessary to prepare for a process, but not in the process itself.

Who bears the legal costs in a settlement?

If a settlement is reached, the attorney earns an additional fee. If no regulation is made about the settlement fee, each party has to bear its own costs of the settlement (see § 98 ZPO). For example: The plaintiff is suing the defendant for €1,000.

When does a settlement have to be paid for?

if no deadline for payment was included in the settlement, the claim for payment is due immediately in case of doubt. If the settlement is determined by a court in accordance with Section 278 (6) ZPO, the determining decision is an enforcement title. Foreclosure can be operated from it.

What does the lawyer get in a settlement?

For a settlement, the lawyer receives an additional fee of 1.5 in the case of an out-of-court settlement or 1.0 in the case of an in-court settlement. At the same time, the court fees before the civil court are reduced to 1/3 of the fees incurred for the judgment.

What percentage of the value in dispute does the lawyer get?

As a rule, lawyers claim the so-called flat rate for expenses. According to No. 7002 VV RVG, 20% of the total fee is added to the legal fees – however, a maximum of EUR 20.00. He must also use these instead of the one in No.

What costs does legal protection insurance cover in a comparison?

If the policyholder concludes a settlement with the other party, the legal protection insurance must fully reimburse the policyholder’s legal fees, unless the cost regulation of the settlement contains a cost concession by the policyholder at the expense of the legal protection insurance.

How are attorney fees calculated?

Lawyers usually charge the medium fee of 1.3. Your lawyer can only charge a higher fee than 1.3 times if the activity was extensive or difficult. The fees are calculated according to the value at stake in the legal dispute – the so-called object value.

How much does it cost to have a lawyer write a letter?

However, according to Section 13 (2) RVG, the minimum fee is €15. A simple letter from a lawyer costs €15 for an object value of up to €500.

How much does a travel lawyer cost?

The initial consultation with a lawyer specializing in aviation law costs a maximum of EUR 249.90 (EUR 190.00 for the consultation plus EUR 20.00 for expenses plus EUR 39.90 for 19% sales tax) according to the letter of the law in accordance with Section 34 RVG.

Is the first consultation with a lawyer free of charge?

In 2006, the legislature reduced the costs for the initial consultation with a consumer lawyer to a maximum of EUR 190 plus VAT. The value that is being disputed is basically still the basis today, but with a “cover” for the first consultation (initial discussion) with the lawyer.

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