What are the characteristics of a legend?

What are the characteristics of a legend?

Features and peculiarities of sagas: orally transmitted story. Action: often fight, parole, victory or defeat. wondrous beings (e.g. fairies or giants) realistic core.

What is a saga example?

Say that wants to explain or justify circumstances through events in the past, for example a certain custom, an event, a natural phenomenon, a stone formation or the name of a body of water, mountain or holy place.

Why do you tell say?

Legends were told orally and recited at all times. Legends explain how special structures or natural phenomena (e.g. rocks, mountains) were created. So concrete times and places are given.

Why were sayings originally only told orally?

Legends are stories that were originally only passed on orally. Legends often have true occurrences, really existing people or events as their content. The real core was then embellished and changed from story to story.

How does a legend come about?

and if it is borrowed from general human coincidences, this is how the mythical saga arises, but if it is borrowed from historical events affecting entire peoples or individual ethnic groups, in which a cultural epoch is then reflected, then one speaks of historical saga. …

Where does the term say?

Emergence. Oral narratives form the basis of legends. This is also expressed in the word itself: The term comes from Old High German and is derived from “saga” (what is said). Legends occur in every culture.

What are said to be explained in a child-friendly manner?

A legend is something that is said, a story. She tells of something from the past. It’s mostly about people, places or events that really existed. So not everything is invented in a legend, unlike in a fairy tale.

What is a legend story?

Explanation of terms – legend Originally, a legend is a short religious tale about life and death or the martyrdom of saints, which was often recited on their anniversaries.

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