What are the consequences of bullying for the whole class?

What are the consequences of bullying for the whole class?

For example, more and more students suffer from depression. A dwindling self-esteem and self-confidence due to bullying can have a lasting effect on the character of the people affected. A drop in performance can affect the entire school career and thus also the future career path.

What are the consequences of bullying for the perpetrator?

The consequences range from psychosomatic effects to depression and burnout to suicidal thoughts and completed suicide. Juvenile victims are sometimes prone to self-harm (cutting). Bullying victims lose their motivation and productivity.

What happens with bullying?

Possible consequences of bullying depression. Headache, abdominal pain/nausea. Loss of appetite, eating disorders. Social isolation, self-doubt, feeling of loneliness.

What can you do about bullying in children?

The child not only loses self-confidence in school. The problems that arise from bullying can go as far as depression and suicidal tendencies. The bullied students often look for the problem in themselves. Many do not tell their parents and teachers about the intolerable situation.

What to do if your child is being bullied by the teacher

What you can do against bullying: Confide in others – for example friends, parents or other teachers. Try to talk to the teacher and confront him with his misconduct. If the teacher denies everything or there is no improvement, the next step is to talk to the school administration.

How do you behave when you are being bullied?

Chronic bullies are often charming and friendly. You don’t trust them to be mean. The behavior seems formal, quite polite. Making the victim believe they’re unpopular everywhere.

How can you prove that you are being bullied?

Prove bullying: Keep a bullying diary So you have to prove that colleagues or superiors are bullying you. Witnesses to the bullying will rarely be available, because hardly any colleague will testify against other colleagues or even the boss.

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