What subjects do I need to be good at to become an engineer?

What subjects do I need to be good at to become an engineer?

At the beginning of your studies, you focus on primary fundamentals such as mathematics, physics and chemistry, but also computer science, technical English and business administration. A combination of the disciplines is also conceivable. For example, lectures such as physics for engineers or mathematics for physicists await you.

What can you do with a mechanical engineering degree?

Occupational fields are mechanical and plant engineering, process and product development, technical drawing and construction or appraiser and expert work. You can work, for example, as a calculation engineer, renewable energy engineer, validation engineer or sales engineer.

What do you have to do as an engineer?

An engineer is the job title for a specialist in the field of technology and technical sciences. Engineers are responsible for the technical processes and the production and design of products.

What can I do as an engineer?

But you can also find them in the purchasing or sales departments of companies, they work in science and research or they work in the public sector. Engineers work for banks and insurance companies as well as in management or project management, in marketing departments or as technical consultants.

How long does it take to be an engineer?

You become an engineer with an engineering degree that can be completed at a university or technical college. The first degree, the bachelor, usually lasts 6 semesters, i.e. three years. If you want to gain further qualifications, you can continue studying and in (usually) 4 semesters or

How much does a trainee engineer earn?

In the first year of training you will earn an average of 750 euros gross per month, in the second 950 euros and in the third 1300 euros per month. In the fourth and final year of training, you can expect a monthly gross wage of around 1,400 euros.

What average do you need to study?

If you want to study human, veterinary or dental medicine, you need a very good Abitur. With an average of 1.0 you shouldn’t have any problems, with an average of 1.5 it gets more difficult.

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