What are the pedagogical concepts?

What are the pedagogical concepts?

Parents who have focused on a pedagogical concept can therefore pay attention to this directly when looking for a place in a daycare center.The Waldorf kindergarten. The Montessori concept. The forest kindergarten. The situational approach. Freinet pedagogy. The toy-free kindergarten. The integration kindergarten.

What belongs in an educational concept?

The implementation of the goals and tasks of the day-care center, the consideration of the principles of elementary education and the quality check of the pedagogical work are described in the conception.

What is a kindergarten pedagogical concept?

The pedagogical conception of a kindergarten is a binding document that is authoritative both for the pedagogical specialists of the facility and for interns and, if necessary, people doing community service.

What is a pedagogical orientation?

Children learn appreciation and respect through experiences they have with people and things in their environment. For us, this means perceiving, observing and exploring the world together with the children in order to be able to react and act responsibly.

What is meant by pedagogical work?

Accompanying and promoting The children are accompanied on their way by observation and individual attention by the teachers. E.g. when playing, eating, getting dressed, etc.

What makes good pedagogical work?

Good educators are loving and constant reference persons and thus ensure a sense of security. As a result, the children in the groups are usually emotionally balanced. The feeling of security enables the children to learn. Children are perceived as being just as important as adults.

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