what are your priorities

what are your priorities

Priority (Latin ‘prior’) generally denotes the precedence of a thing. The rank can result from the chronological order of events (urgency) or, conversely, an order can be determined on the basis of an evaluation (prioritization).

How do I set my priorities correctly?

Setting priorities has more to do with your OWN goals. They are always right or important (just not always urgent). So if you want to set the right priorities, you first have to deal with your own wishes and goals and with the question of how these can be achieved.

What is good time management?

Good time management is an expression of the fact that people can organize themselves well.

Why is time management so important?

Systematic time management can save you a lot of time – time that is available for things that are really important to you. You have to decide for yourself what that is in concrete terms! In addition, you can concentrate on the essentials through time planning.

Why can a schedule be helpful?

A schedule is an important part of structured work and time management (self-management for working as effectively as possible). A schedule contains important dates and development phases and is the basis for organized work.

What is a schedule?

Definition: A schedule is a written list of the individual work steps (see workflow) with the times provided for these activities.

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