What can you claim in the event of an accident?

What can you claim in the event of an accident?

In the case of injuries or physical damage caused by an accident, claims for reasonable compensation for pain and suffering, reimbursement of medical and medical treatment costs, reimbursement of loss of earnings, damage to the household and also reimbursement of further travel costs can be considered.

Who reports the accident to the insurance company?

7 AKB (General Conditions for Motor Vehicle Insurance) obliges the policyholder to report the damage to his insurance company and to do so in writing within one week. The following applies to the person who caused the accident: If you are at fault for a car accident, the insurance company must be informed immediately.

What happens if the person who caused the accident does not report the damage?

The person who caused the accident does not report the damage, but his insurance company still has to pay. In the event of an escape from an accident or if the other party refuses to disclose the contact details of their liability insurance company, you should at least make a note of the other party’s license plate number.

How long does it take for the insurance company to report after an accident?

Nevertheless, you should have reported to the opposing insurance company no later than two weeks after the accident. If it took longer to determine the data of the other party involved in the accident, the other party’s liability insurance company must recognize this.

How long does it take for HUK to settle a claim?

Set a deadline for claims settlement if the situation is unclear? The average duration of insurance claims settlement of 4 to 6 weeks only applies if the question of guilt has been established. If this is not the case, it can take a long time before the question of guilt is clarified.

How quickly does the insurance company send an appraiser?

From 700 euros of damage, you have the right to an appraiser, ie the opposing insurance company will then pay for it. She’ll certainly be happy to send one, since he then appreciates it cheaply for her. Best to order one yourself.

When does insurance pay after an appraisal?

Even if the injured party orders an independent expert after an accident, the liability insurance of the person who caused the accident will pay. If the injured party is partly to blame for the accident, they must also bear part of the costs for the expert opinion.

How long does the insurance company have to pay?

In some cases, six weeks may be appropriate. The insurance should have paid after six weeks at the latest. This means that after six weeks at the latest you can usually file a lawsuit without taking any risk.

Why does insurance send appraisers?

In the motor vehicle liability case, the injured party has the right to his own expert as soon as more than trifles are involved. Therefore, the opponent’s insurer must then fully assume the costs for its own expert.

What do appraisers do?

One of the main tasks of an appraiser or expert is the preparation of qualified reports in the field in which they have the necessary expertise. This is particularly necessary in cases where a situation needs to be clearly clarified.

Can Insurance Reject Appraisals?

Motor vehicle insurance: If an accident victim commissions an expensive expert report, although the damage to the car is only minor, the liability insurance company can refuse to pay for it. After all, the damage to the car should be precisely estimated and quantified.

Can Insurance Prescribe Appraisers?

Many insurance companies have in-house insurance experts who do not always assess independently, but tend to represent the interests of their employer. There is no obligation to accept the appraiser from the insurance company.

Can I choose my reviewer myself?

In theory, everyone involved in an accident can hire their own expert. This is also possible if the other party involved in the accident or the vehicle insurance company has already appointed an expert. It can therefore make sense to choose the expert yourself after an accident.

Can the opposing insurance company prescribe a workshop for me?

The opposing insurance company cannot tell you, as the accident victim, whether you should have your vehicle repaired or not. The cost of this must be borne by the insurance company of the other party who caused the accident.

When can I hire an appraiser?

Even if the opposing liability insurance company has obtained an expert opinion, the injured party may still commission an expert he trusts, the costs of which must be borne by the liability insurer (KG VersR 1977, 229).

Who hires a vehicle appraiser?

In the case of comprehensive insurance, the insurer usually commissions the expert and bears the costs. If you commission an appraiser yourself, you must bear the costs yourself.

Who bears the cost of an appraisal?

As a rule, the insurance company of the person who caused the accident will pay the costs for an expert, but not in the case of minor damage (damage that is less than 750 euros). Who has to pay for the appraisal for minor damage?

When do you need a cost estimate and expert opinion?

In the case of damage of less than 750 to 800 euros, the car dealership/vehicle workshop should advise you to have a short report or a cost estimate drawn up. For the expert, this means the following: The expert can draw up an expert opinion for damage from around 750 to 800 euros.

What is better expert opinion or cost estimate?

If an impairment is to be expected, the appraisal is always the better choice, as this is included in the appraisal sum. Depreciation caused by the damage is also taken into account. The cost estimate at this point only refers to the calculation of the repair costs.

When to get an estimate after an accident?

After a car accident through no fault of your own, the cost estimate as the basis for claims settlement should be the absolute exception. Only in the case of so-called minor damage, i.e. in cases in which the repair costs are clearly less than €750.00, should a cost estimate after a car accident be sufficient.

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