What can you do after secondary school?

What can you do after secondary school?

Elementary schools. Seven transfer options after secondary school – SJ 18/19. Basic vocational training (apprenticeship – EBA/EFZ) Vocational baccalaureate (BM 1) Business school (WMS) Computer science middle school (IMS) Technical baccalaureate school (FMS) High school (GYM)

What can you do after 10th grade?

What options are there after school?Federal professional certificate (EFZ) The majority of school leavers do an apprenticeship after high school. Federal Vocational Certificate (EBA) Vocational Baccalaureate School (BMS) Gymnasium. Technical school (FMS) Business school (WMS) and commercial school (HMS)

What can you do after graduation?

Thank YouStudies. Studying is truly a classic and for many it is one of the most popular options after graduation. Dual studies / vocational academy. vocational training. Internship. Voluntary social year / environmental year. Stay abroad after graduation.

What can you do after the 9?

Qualified high school diploma. You get this if you undergo a voluntary “special performance assessment” after the 9th grade. With a qualified lower secondary school leaving certificate, you can attend a vocational school or business school.

Which school after the 9th grade Hauptschule?

In principle, every student gets the Hauptschule certificate when he finishes school after the ninth grade. This applies to the school types Hauptschule, Gesamtschule, Realschule and Gymnasium. As a rule, it is sufficient to enter the 9th

What can you do after high school?

Most children start school at the age of six. Then they attend elementary school for four or six years, depending on the federal state. Even a child who goes to secondary school can later graduate from high school with diligence and ambition.

What grades do you need for the Hauptschule leaving certificate after class 9?

With an average grade of 3.0 and better, the additional English test can be used to obtain the qualifying secondary school leaving certificate. If no English exam is taken and the average grade is no worse than 4.4, the secondary school certificate is awarded.

What should I do after school?

These options are open to you in addition to an apprenticeship: catch up on your school leaving certificate. Maybe your grades didn’t get you the degree you originally wanted to get in your last school year, or your current one isn’t good enough for the training you’re aiming for? Volunteer service. Internship.

Can you study after middle school?

The secondary schools in Bavaria offer success through practice. Possible qualifications are: the successful completion of secondary school, the qualifying degree from secondary school, the secondary school leaving certificate from secondary school.

What schools can you do after middle school?

After successfully completing the (new) middle school, the pupils can attend an upper level of the general secondary school (AHS upper level) or a vocational middle or higher school. a polytechnic school or a one-year vocational middle school (e.g.

Can you graduate with a high school diploma?

As a basis, the middle school certificate (or comparable) is required in order to be able to do the Abitur. However, people with a secondary school leaving certificate can also catch up on the Abitur. In the combination of a secondary school leaving certificate plus completed vocational training or

Do I have a high school diploma after my apprenticeship?

Do you already have a high school diploma? Then you can be awarded an intermediate qualification after successfully completing dual vocational training. The conditions (e.g. required grade point average, proof of English language skills) vary from state to state.

How can I catch up on the secondary school leaving certificate?

If you want to catch up on your secondary school leaving certificate and are no longer required to go to school, you can catch up on the so-called second chance of education. On the second chance of education you have very different possibilities to get the Realschule certificate: for example college, evening school, correspondence school.

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