What can you present about a country?

What can you present about a country?

It is important that you provide your presentation with sufficient image material. Your listeners do not know the country. They want to see what you tell about the country. It is essential that, in addition to a poster, you also have maps, images, slides, photos, etc.

How do I start an English presentation?

ExampleOK, then, I’d like to begin. – Okay, then I’d like to start. Let’s get started. – Let’s get started. If I could have everybody’s attention. – If I could have everyone’s attention, please. Good morning, everyone. – Good afternoon, everybody. Hello/Hi everyone…

What do you have to consider when making a Powerpoint presentation?

The Best Rules for a Convincing Powerpoint PresentationA good presentation is a relevant extract. Be economical with style elements. The order matters. Rigid graphics are rarely remembered. Make a splash. The slides don’t play the main role, you do. Distribute a handout.

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