What can you say at the end of a lecture?

What can you say at the end of a lecture?

Another, more creative, way to end a presentation is to show an impressive picture or video. This image should reach the audience on an emotional level and underline the key message of the lecture. Ideally, you don’t have to say much about the picture or video at all.

What does a presentation have to do with a title page?

Contents: What should be on the cover sheet? Name of the university, faculty and / or department; name of the seminar, possibly number of the seminar and information on the winter or summer semester with the year; name of the lecturer with title; title of the term paper; if applicable, submission date and Processing period.

Will in PDF?

Open the appropriate document in Microsoft Word. Click on “File” and select the option “Save As”. A new dialog window opens in which you can specify the storage location, file name and file type. Select the “PDF” format under “Save as type” and click on “Save”.

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