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Vertical garden – a special highlight for inside and outside

Vertical garden and Green wall have already become key terms, but in both cases you mean a successful wall greening for indoors and outdoors that magically attracts everyone’s attention. Vertical gardens were invented by the French botanist and horticultural artist Patrick Blanc. He was very enthusiastic about the always damp rock faces in the tropical areas of Southeast Asia and wanted to imitate their beauty in Europe. Due to his Far Eastern inspiration, the Green Walls became popular not only on our continent, but all over the world.

Today we want to see which functions are assigned to a vertical garden indoors and outdoors.

Safe privacy protection in the outside area

Garden ideas vertical garden

A green highlight in the outdoor area

Millions of people spend the summer like to spend their free time outside, on the garden terrace or in the courtyard. So that you can relax undisturbed there when the weather is nice, you first need a good privacy screen that hides you from nosy neighbors. When it comes to garden privacy, there are of course numerous options available to you, but today we want to recommend a particularly unusual one – design a green wall outside! The idea is just fantastic, isn’t it?

A vertical garden will delimit you laterally and discreetly protect you from prying eyes. Here it is up to you personally where you want to place your green wall. You can attach them to a wall, which makes the privacy screen even more attractive, but you can also buy a wooden box in the garden center and plant it. Of course, in this case you have to be very patient, because you are literally starting from scratch when designing your green wall. It will take a while for the green plants to develop properly.

We also suggest a third option for you to design your outdoor vertical garden yourself, using Euro pallets and simple ceramic pots with beautifully growing climbing and climbing plants, for example. Which way you go to your green retreat on the garden terrace depends only on your own needs and personal preferences.

The vertical garden for the balcony or garden terrace constantly brings a fresh touch to your indoor and outdoor areas

Vertical garden ideas for garden

Such magnificent green walls could make you redefine your priorities

From a practical point of view, the vertical garden offers you a few advantages indoors and outdoors. The green plants ensure clean air and increase the humidity. The green wall absorbs dust, unpleasant smells and pollutants very well, so that you can sit or work relaxed in really fresh air. And one more thing: to make you 100%ig enjoy security and tranquility, the atmosphere in your interior, on your balcony or on the garden terrace must be very calm. The green wall can also be helpful here because it acts as a soundproof wall. Its soft surface absorbs sound and you have the best conditions for undisturbed relaxation.

The green of the plants soothes the eyes and soul

Vertical mini gardens for the interior

You could also design green living decoration yourself

It is an indisputable fact that the green of the plants is wonderful has a calming effect on the eyes and soul. In the vicinity of your green wall you will feel more comfortable and in inner harmony with yourself. Therefore, choose suitable plants and learn to care for them properly. But you must not think that the vertical garden is a given for the whole summer or even for a longer period of time. No, definitely not! So that you can admire and enjoy the beautiful green sea for a long time, you need good care tips. You can get these from the specialists in the garden center or from competent garden designers.

Let yourself be thoroughly informed about watering your vertical garden, because your green plants shouldn’t dry out, right? Of course there are special irrigation systems with a built-in pump system. You have to plan these small but important things in advance at the beginning of the design. So nothing could go wrong and you can look forward to your vertical garden indoors or outdoors for a long time.

Last but not least, we want to emphasize what we actually started with today’s article. Every vertical garden is a very special highlight outdoors or indoors. He can inspire you for a long time, promote your creativity, increase your thinking and memory functions. All you have to do is decide for yourself whether you want to design a vertical garden yourself or order it from a gardening company. Either way, you wouldn’t regret it. Sometimes it seems harder than it actually is. But it is definitely worth trying!

We wish you good luck with the design of your vertical garden! Enjoy it as long as possible!

Ideas vertical garden

Interesting play of light and shadow emphasizes the beauty of the greenery here

Wall ideas designs vertical garden

Sublime and created with attention to detail

Vertical gardens wood decoration ideas houseplants

Striking vertical garden in the Far Eastern style

Vertical garden idea

The vertical green wall cleans the air and absorbs the noise

Vertical garden facade

As a privacy screen, noise protection or for purely decorative purposes

Living room with vertical garden

That should be the realized dream of millions of people!

Terrace design vertical garden

Enjoy peace and comfort next to your vertical garden

Vertical garden ideas in the interior

Everyone would like to enjoy their food and drink in such an atmosphere

Vertical garden dining room kitchen wall

Vertical gardens are currently a popular option in interior design

Vertical garden kitchen living room modern

Vertical gardens bring nature right into the house!

Vertical indoor garden

A piece of nature in the interior

Balcony facility vertical garden

The concrete wall no longer looks disturbing thanks to the green climbing plants

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