What censorship for how many points?

What censorship for how many points?

Grade 1from 24 points 95%from 22 points 87%Grade 2from 21 points 85%from 18 points 73%Grade 3from 17 points 68%from 15 points 59%Grade 4from 13 points 50%from 11 points 45%Grade 5from 6 points 24% from 5 points 18%6 more lines

What grade if half the mark?

As a rule, you get a bad 4 or a 5 when you do tests, class work, etc. at school. reached half the points. After all, half of the grade 6 is the grade 3, in terms of numbers. …

How much money is in circulation in Switzerland?

In no other country in the world is there as much cash in circulation per inhabitant as in Switzerland. According to the National Bank, cash in circulation at the end of 2016 was around CHF 78 billion. That corresponds to CHF 9,300 per person – in terms of value, the Swiss are world champions when it comes to paying with cash.

How much money is there in circulation in the world?

Almost 20 billion pieces are currently in circulation. When the euro bills were introduced in 2002, it was just 7.8 billion. Last year alone, around 1.3 billion units were added.

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