What do grades say about a person?

What do grades say about a person?

Grades have no meaning School grades say nothing about the intelligence of the students. School grades do not provide enough information about intelligence or social skills. Therefore, they should be replaced by textual testimonials that allow for a better reflection of the achievements.

Why am I getting such bad grades?

As a rule, bad grades are awarded if the subject matter is not sufficiently mastered. It is therefore important to find out the reasons for this. Laziness or lack of interest are often possible reasons, but a lack of intelligence or learning disabilities can also be the cause of bad grades.

How to explain bad grades?

It goes without saying that applicants are dissatisfied with a bad grade. Sentences such as “I’m not happy with that either” or “Today I would learn more” should be avoided in the interview, as they are meaningless and therefore do not appear authentic.

How important are grades in an application?

Basically, grades are only important for applications where there is a high influx of applicants or where specifics in a certain special area are important. You have to make a pre-selection, so good grades are unfortunately really a common selection criterion here.

What are the grades at the university?

Grade key PC – Lectures, NP ErnstingNotePercent verbal1.7≥ 85good2.0≥ 80good2.3≥ 75good2.7≥ 70satisfactory7

Which advanced courses should you take for a medical degree?

Otherwise, the three natural sciences of biology, physics and chemistry are important for medical studies. The advanced courses where you have the best chance of achieving an average grade of 1.0 to 1.2. Otherwise, the science subjects and math make sense.

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