What do Polish nurses have to do?

What do Polish nurses have to do?

The activities of a Polish nurse at a glance: care for the elderly, no medical care. Basic care (washing, bathing, showering, toileting) support in the household (cooking, laundry, cleaning, washing dishes) errands (errands, shopping) leisure time support (walks, excursions) dementia care.

How fast can you get a Polish nurse?

Of course, a nurse from Poland cannot start 24-hour care in the same hour, but in an emergency we can do it within 3 days. Otherwise you have to calculate 5 to 7 days.

How long can a Polish nurse stay in Germany?

How long can Polish nurses stay in Germany? As a rule, the carers alternate every 2 months. This period of time can be extended by a maximum of one month. We will discuss the length of your stay with you and the caregiver.

How much does a Polish nurse cost per month?

The costs for a Polish nurse, care worker or household help depend on the type of employment, the care and support effort, your knowledge of German and your qualifications. They can be between 2,000 and 5,000 euros per month.

How many Polish nurses in Germany?

In 2013, 76,000 people with Polish roots worked in nursing professions in Germany, 93 percent of whom were women. With a share of 20 percent, Poland is the most important country of origin for immigrant nursing staff, according to the Federal Statistical Office.

Who pays caregiver from Poland?

Even if no care benefits in kind can be used for a Polish care worker, there is the possibility of financing the home care to a large extent through the care insurance. Families can use the care allowance instead of the care benefits in kind.

Is a Polish nurse paid by the nursing care fund?

The costs for such a caregiver amount to around 1,800 to 2,100 euros per month. The costs can be reduced by care allowance, prevention allowance and short-term care allowance. It is only the nursing allowance that is available. However, this is only the case if there is a level of care.

How much does a Polish 24-hour nurse cost?

The monthly care costs are between 1570 euros and 2470 euros gross. All other fees such as taxes, health insurance and social security contributions are already fully included in the monthly costs for a Polish nurse.

Can a Polish nurse be tax deductible?

In principle, it is possible to claim for tax purposes the services provided by a domestic help/carer from Eastern Europe. 20% of the costs paid for the caregiver from Poland can be deducted from the tax burden, but a maximum of €4000/year. …

Which care costs are tax deductible?

Care costs such as the costs for the care home, the outpatient care service and the walker can generally be deducted from tax. as a daughter or grandchild, have incurred expenses for the care of a family member, you can usually claim these costs for tax purposes.

Is 24 hour care tax deductible?

In the case of “24-hour care”, the resulting expenses and costs (e.g. costs for the caregiver, placement costs, medication, care products) are tax-deductible as an “extraordinary burden” in the following year.

How do I register a caregiver?

The carer must have health insurance before starting work. To do this, you must first register your caregiver with a (usually statutory) health insurance company. Register the employee with the responsible trade association.

How much does a home caregiver cost?

Monthly caregiver costs 1,900 euros x 12 months = 22,800 euros. Of this, 20% as an eligible service = EUR 4,560.

Who pays private caregivers?

As a rule, care in the areas of nutrition, mobility and personal hygiene is covered by the long-term care insurance fund. The rates of the long-term care insurance apply. However, if the care services were prescribed by a doctor and are part of home care, the health insurance company can also cover the costs.

Can I employ an employee as a private individual?

This can be, for example, a visa, a residence permit or a settlement permit. You may only employ the employee if the residence permit expressly permits the work.

What do I have to consider if I want to hire someone?

If you want to hire an employee, you need the following documents from them: Electronic wage tax deduction features. Tax identification number. Date of birth. Social security card. Health insurance membership certificate. Work or residence permit for foreign employees.

What data does the employer need when hiring?

Employees only have to inform the employer of their tax identification number and date of birth and whether it is a main or part-time job. With this information, the employer can call up all the data required for the income tax deduction. The income tax card existed until 2013.

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