What do you do as a lecturer?

What do you do as a lecturer?

As an editor, you check authors’ manuscripts in terms of language, content and plausibility. So you’re not just a reader, you’re the interface between the author and your publisher.

What do you need to work in a publishing house?

If you would like to work in the fields of press and public relations, you should preferably complete a degree in public relations, journalism or media and communication science. Another interesting job within the publishing industry is that of a literary agent.

How do you become a lecturer at university?

Employment as a lecturer usually requires a PhD or doctorate, and usually also previous work as an adjunct (assistant professor, corresponding to a German junior professorship).

What do you call the teachers at the university?

At the university, the teachers are called lecturers. Just like a teacher to the students, the lecturers impart their knowledge to the students and encourage them.

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