What do you have to do in the volunteer fire department?

What do you have to do in the volunteer fire department?

The range of activities of the voluntary fire brigades ranges from car rescue or rescuing people after traffic accidents, to firefighting, to weeks of action after natural disasters.

Who pays for the volunteer fire department?

As the name suggests, the firefighters are volunteers and sacrifice their free time. Individual municipalities also reimburse the emergency services for travel expenses or an expense allowance for deployments.

What is a fire station?

A fire station is defined as: in Germany (partly also in Austria) a permanently manned fire station. in the Austrian fire brigade organization also a deposed train, see also fire brigade in Austria #voluntary fire brigade.

Why should you go to the fire department?

Rescue, extinguish, salvage, protect: You ensure that danger is averted! Rescuing, extinguishing, salvaging, protecting – this is how the tasks of the voluntary fire brigade can be summarized succinctly. The rescue has the highest priority.

Why is there a volunteer fire department?

This is due to the fact that there is a high density of volunteer fire brigades in Germany, which means that help can be provided directly and quickly, even outside of large cities. In other states, professional fire brigades from the nearest larger city are used in such cases, which have long journeys to get there.

Why youth fire brigade?

One of the reasons why many join the youth fire brigade is definitely the enthusiasm for technology that you can share with many like-minded people. Some always wanted to be a firefighter, like the little dragon Grisu, or simply because mum or dad is also in the fire brigade.

What is the task of the youth fire brigade?

Task. The aim of the youth fire brigade work is to prepare children and young people for work in the fire brigade so that they can be used in the operations department of the volunteer fire brigade once they have met the legal requirements and are of the appropriate age and qualifications.

What is the youth fire brigade?

The youth fire brigade (JF) is the youth organization of the volunteer fire brigade. The aim of the youth fire brigade is, of course, above all to get young people enthusiastic about the fire brigade and to introduce them to the wide range of tasks.

How much does a Volunteer Firefighter make?

The answer is: yes. As the name suggests, the members of the voluntary fire brigade work voluntarily. Volunteers in the voluntary fire brigade generally do not receive a salary for their commitment.

How much does a Plant Firefighter make?

Depending on whether your salary is regulated according to a collective agreement, this is around EUR 2,500 gross per month. In the course of your career, the salary of a plant firefighter increases with your professional experience by up to 3,000 euros.

How are firefighters paid?

In Bremen, a young fire brigade employee gets around 220 euros per month as an entry (salary level A7), in Bavaria it is around 2400 euros and in Hesse just under 2300 euros. At level A9 it is at least 2500 euros per month, in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania 2580 euros and in Baden-W├╝rttemberg at least 2729 euros.

Can anyone join the volunteer fire department?

Again and again there are discussions about the quality of volunteer firefighters. There are fire brigades who are of the opinion that you can only join if you are physically and mentally fit. Others basically accept everyone who wants to.

How do you go to the fire department?

How do you become a firefighter? Anyone who wants to work for the professional fire brigade goes through the classic basic training to become an officer in the middle fire service. To do this, the job applicants have to complete a preparatory service at a fire service school, which lasts about two years.

How long does volunteer fire service training take?

2.2 “Squad leader” course The aim of the training is to enable you to lead a squad on assignment within a group or squadron. Course duration: at least 35 hours. The course is carried out according to state regulations at district level or at state fire service schools.

Why is it called a volunteer fire department?

A volunteer fire brigade (in Austria and Germany as a fixed term volunteer fire brigade; the official abbreviation in Germany, Austria and South Tyrol is FF) is a public fire brigade, which consists mainly of volunteer members, sometimes also some full-time staff (eg.

Who is the volunteer fire department?

The volunteer fire brigade is divided into different departments and is led by a warden. However, these are all subordinate to the head of the fire brigade. The head of the fire brigade leads the operations department and usually also the senior and honor department himself.

What is the legal form of a volunteer fire department?

Volunteer fire brigades are therefore not always consciously organized in the form of associations. In addition to registered associations, there are also non-registered associations. Both are often non-profit. There are also support associations that pass on their funds to either the fire brigade association or the municipality.

What is the difference between the professional fire brigade and the volunteer fire brigade?

Another difference between company and plant fire brigades is that the former are only active on the company premises, while plant fire brigades can also support professional and voluntary fire brigades in fighting fires in the community.

What is a full-time fire department?

Full-time guards require a great deal of explanation and are difficult for outsiders to understand. In principle, the employees are professional firefighters. They earn their living by working as a firefighter.

What are the two types of fire departments?

Types of fire brigades in Germany Volunteer fire brigades (FF) Number: around 24,000. factory fire brigades. Number: around 900. Company fire brigades. Number: about 300 professional fire brigades (BF) Number: about 100 compulsory fire brigades. Number: about 5. Youth fire brigades (DJF) Bundeswehr fire brigade.

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