What do you need for a good PowerPoint presentation?

What do you need for a good PowerPoint presentation?

Guy Kawasaki, a sought-after speaker and venture capitalist from Silicon Valley, therefore established the popular 102030 rule: According to this, a good PowerPoint presentation should never have more than 10 slides, last no longer than 20 minutes and a font size of no less than 30 points use.

What can go wrong with a presentation?

Avoid fonts that are too small or images that are too small. In addition, when designing your presentation, you should not use too much text and too many effects per slide. A confusing technical vocabulary or complicated graphics also have a rather deterrent effect on the listener.

How do you structure a presentation?

The very simple structure of a presentation is: introduction, main part, conclusion. The introduction and conclusion should be clearly separated from the main part. Make sure that there is a key question that can be answered with a conclusion at the end.

Can you fail the bachelor’s colloquium?

Examiners don’t want to rip your thesis apart during a colloquium presentation or fail you. Such a colloquium is often a pure formality for them, if the examination regulations provide for it. So there is absolutely no need to worry.

How does a colloquium work after the Abitur?

The colloquium is divided into two parts of the examination, each lasting around 15 minutes: a short presentation by the student on the given topic (approx. 10 minutes) and a discussion about the short presentation; Discussion on problems from the other two training sections.

What is a final colloquium?

Written examination as part of an exercise at universities in Austria. as a conclusion of the professional recognition internship in social professions (e.g. educators, nannies, curative education nurses). After the recognition year, you meet for a colloquium and then receive the state

What is a colloquium in teacher training?

In the colloquium, practical questions will be addressed. The examinee gives a presentation followed by a discussion. Presentation and expert discussion. Safety, language and quality of content are assessed.

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