What do you write in a conclusion?

What do you write in a conclusion?

A summary or conclusion draws conclusions from the results… When I say conclusion here, I mean the entire conclusion. It includes three things: The summary of the results. The evaluation of the results, conclusions. Outlook: Further development and open questions.

How do you write a homework discussion?

The discussion part is the part of your work where you compare your findings, arguments and facts and draw conclusions. As part of the discussion, you write a kind of summary of your chapters with the aim of answering the research question and justifying your opinion.

What comes in a discussion bachelor thesis?

In the discussion of your bachelor’s or master’s thesis, you go into the results of your investigation in a more interpretative manner. While you keep the conclusion of your bachelor thesis short and sweet, you treat your results in more detail in the discussion.

How to write a good thesis

How do you start writing a thesis? The introduction is intended to clarify some relevant questions right at the beginning of the work, the topic is presented and the research question is formulated. Furthermore, the research methodology must be selected.

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