What does a police application have to include?

What does a police application have to include?

The first general prerequisites are: to be free from previous convictions as well as free from debts. You must also have a class B driving license and German citizenship. There are also restrictions on body jewelry (piercings, tattoos, etc.), minimum age and size.

How do I apply to the NRW Police?

The application for the police profession is now possible all year round. You can apply online to the NRW police for a position on September 1st of each year, 365 days a year, around the clock (24/7).

Why work for the police?

Their tasks include fighting crime, warding off dangers and securing peace. As a result, anyone interested in starting a career with the police has a good starting point for the correct understanding of the profession and the requirements associated with it.

What are the advantages of being a police officer?

Advantages in the police profession Daily contact with colleagues and getting through tricky situations together create a bond. Sports. Free medical care. Civil servant status. Pension instead of pension.

What is the job of the police?

The police ward off dangers and protect the citizens. She prosecutes criminal offenses, arrests people who break the law, and helps solve crimes. At large public events, the police secure the environment and ensure peace and order among people.

What are the duties of the police for children explained?

Their main task is to protect people and to keep order and security. You can also say: They watch out if someone does something that is forbidden. Otherwise, they intervene with reprimands, fines or a report to a court.

What do you do in the police training?

Strictly speaking, the higher-level police training is not a training course, but a dual course of study at a police academy. The theoretical part of the training focuses on political education, the legal fundamentals of police work, psychology and criminology.

What do you have to know about the police?

The requirements of a police officer include in particular: the ability to work in a team, a sense of responsibility, flexibility, communication and physical fitness. We have briefly explained the most important qualities that you should bring with you as a future police officer.

How do I prepare for the police recruitment test?

General knowledge is checked in almost every recruitment test. So be prepared for questions from the fields of politics, history, current affairs, geography, technology, society and culture. In addition, questions may arise that deal specifically with the police.

What do I need for grades from the police?

If you would like to apply for the high-level police enforcement service, you must not be more than 31 years old. But then you need the Abitur, the technical college entrance qualification or an equivalent educational qualification and a grade point average of at least 3.0. You must also have a class B driving license.

Which diploma do you need for the police?

For an application in the higher service of the police, at least a technical college entrance qualification / general university entrance qualification is required in order to be admitted to study at the police college.

In which subjects do you have to be good to become a police force?

Employment requirements Police Baden-W├╝rttemberg Middle service: Realschule certificate (average grade: 3.2 or better) Senior service: Abitur, technical diploma (with university entrance qualification), master craftsman’s certificate or equivalent educational qualification (average grade: 3.0 or better)

What do you have to do to become a police officer?

At least secondary school leaving certificate with completed vocational training or secondary school leaving certificate, for high-level service high school diploma. Citizenship of an EU country, alternatively possession of a permanent residence permit. Proficiency in the German language, both spoken and written. Minimum size.

How tall do you have to be to become a cop?

Because the recruitment criteria in NRW stipulate that male police officers must have a minimum height of 1.68 meters.

How long does it take to train with the police?

Your training as a middle-class police officer is designed for a period of two to two and a half years. This depends on the state in which you work. In order to be able to start your apprenticeship at all, you first have to pass a recruitment test.

What kind of qualification do you need to work at customs?

Anyone who wants to enter the middle service needs at least a qualifying secondary school diploma, a secondary school diploma with vocational training or a secondary school diploma. You have to have a high school diploma for the dual course of study.

What grades do you need for customs?

Abitur, the completed technical college entrance qualification or an educational qualification recognized as equivalent. The grade point average in the main subjects should be at least 3.0.

Why am I eligible for customs?

Customs stand for job security, because you are civil servants and the tasks are still diverse. The job of a customs officer is interesting, but not as dangerous as working in the police or the armed forces. Nevertheless, it is always worth submitting an application to customs and taking the opportunity.

What skills do you need as a customs officer?

As a customs officer, you must not have a criminal record and should be prepared to carry a service weapon. If you are considering working for the Coast Guard on a customs boat, you will also need to have a nautical patent.

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