What does application mean?

What does application mean?

Word meaning / definition: 1) making an application.

When is an application considered to have been submitted?

The application is deemed to have been made effective upon receipt by the authority (Section 16 (2) SGB I), the service provider / authority who is not responsible must forward the application immediately. A claim is not forfeited even after a belated application, the authority is rather according to § 16 para.

Is an application for a contract legally binding?

In civil law, the offer (legal: application) is a declaration of intent that needs to be received and is aimed at the conclusion of a contract under the law of obligations. The contract is concluded by declaring an effective acceptance.

When do you use an apostrophe in German?

When to put an apostrophe Put an apostrophe ‚if names‚ ending in ‚s’‚ are in the genitive. This also applies to similar-sounding endings such as -ss ‚-ß‚ -tz ‚-z‚ -x ‚-ce.

What is it called the single or the only one?

The adjective only says that a thing does not occur multiple times or is unique. If there is only one thing, the descriptive adjective cannot be increased any more, since the thing cannot be outdone in its quality. Hence the only thing wrong is the increase.

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