What does comment mean?

What does comment mean?

kom|men|tier|en, past tense: kom|men|tier|te, participle II: kom|men|tier|te. Word meaning/definition: 1) explain a fact from a certain point of view, make a comment. 2) describe an event in more detail.

When is a comment written?

If you must write a comment, you should write a text that is subjective and judgmental. is written in the present tense. clearly supports one’s own opinion with arguments.

What is a subjective value text?

A comment is a subjectively evaluative text marked by name, in which a public position is taken on a current topic with a view to a larger audience. The aim of the commentary is to support the reader’s formation of an opinion.

What is a subjective example?

[1] Subjective means “of a subject” or “belonging to a subject”. The subject can be a person or an animal, for example. [2] Furthermore, subjective can be used as a synonym for “personal”, “own”, “not factual” or not “not objective”.

What does purely subjective mean?

A subjective perception depends on the viewer, so it is different for everyone. Objective is the general observation, which was not made by a single person, but rather assumes the point of view of a neutral observer without including a personal evaluation.

What is that subjective?

In European philosophy, subjectivity (Latin for subjection) is that quality that distinguishes a subject from an object.

What is a subjective experience?

Subjective assessment is the judgment of an examiner. Normally, this means a judgment about the quality of a linguistic product. Objective judgment is one in which one excludes subjectivity. However, the question of subjectivity/objectivity is far more complex.

What does subjectively felt mean?

Subjective well-being (English subjective well-being, in short: SWB) describes the self-perceived feeling of happiness in life or satisfaction with life. There are also measures of objective well-being that attempt to capture a person’s quality of life.

What is a subjective symptom?

Subjective symptoms represent signs of illness that can be perceived by the person affected. Objective symptoms (or clinical signs), on the other hand, are signs of illness that can be perceived from the outside.

What are symptoms?

Symptoms are signs of illnesses and problems – both physical and mental. Each disease is characterized by specific symptoms that can affect different parts of the body.

What is the difference between symptom and syndrome?

A symptom is not a disease, but merely an indication or a side effect. The word syndrome comes from the Greek language and in translation means “running together”. In a syndrome, different symptoms occur at the same time.

What is objective health?

The state of health can be illustrated with objective and subjective characteristics. Important objective indicators are the prevalence of various (chronic) diseases, health restrictions and complaints.

What is meant by subjective health?

definition. The subjective state of health describes the self-assessment of one’s own health. It depicts the personal and social dimensions of one’s own well-being.

What does the term syndrome mean?

Syndromal means “related to a syndrome” or “caused by a syndrome”.

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