What does it take to get an Occupational Therapist degree?

What does it take to get an Occupational Therapist degree?

The admission requirements are regulated differently in the federal states. As a rule, however, a secondary school leaving certificate (intermediate educational qualification) is required for the training. Alternatively, access is also possible with a secondary school leaving certificate and additional completed vocational training.

How Much Does an Occupational Therapist Earn Per Month?

Now you finally get your first salary. The average starting salary for an occupational therapist is between €1,986 and €2,703 gross per month. With increasing professional experience and further education through training and courses, you can earn more than €3,000.

How much does an Occupational Therapist apprenticeship make?

Occupational therapy: training allowance and starting salary During occupational therapy training, according to the employment agency, you earn 1,015 euros gross per month in the first year of training, 1,075 euros in the second year and 1,172 euros in the third year.

Is an occupational therapist an apprenticeship?

The profession of occupational therapist can be learned either as part of a school education or as part of a degree. The training is uniformly regulated nationwide and takes place at vocational schools for occupational therapy in state or private sponsorship.

How is an occupational therapist trained?

The three-year school occupational therapy training is carried out by a vocational school. In addition to teaching in the classroom, prospective occupational therapists can also be found in exercise rooms, gymnasiums and workshops. The lessons are supplemented by internships that take place in clinics or practices.

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