What does my job reference say about me?

What does my job reference say about me?

The evaluation can be divided roughly into four grades: Very good: always/always to our complete satisfaction; Exceeded our expectations at all times; very good in every way; Good: always to our complete satisfaction; were always good; Satisfactory: to our complete satisfaction.

How much does the job reference test cost?

It’s 400 to 500 euros. However, there are also former personnel managers who look through the work reference for 80 to 100 euros. E.g. VEJA advice on testimonials.

How long can a work reference be corrected?

The correction of a certificate must be requested within a reasonable period of time (up to around six months after the certificate was issued). If the deadline is missed, the claim is forfeited and your certificate remains unchanged.

What can I do if my job reference is bad?

If it is actually bad, you should first point this out to the employer in writing. You don’t have to blame him for not knowing any better, but write that the testimony doesn’t meet the requirements and ask him to reformulate it again.

How bad can a job reference be?

Only if an employer gives a below-average rating – worse than grade 3 – does this burden of proof lie with him. There are often disputes about job references. By law, every employee in Germany is entitled to a job reference when their employment ends.

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