What does now and then mean?

What does now and then mean?

[1] occasionally, sometimes, sometimes. [1] now and then, now and then, every now and then, from time to time.

What is it now and then

[1] North and Central German: now and then. Word separation: [1] sometimes, now and then, occasionally, now and then, sometimes, now and then, from time to time, now and then, especially North and Central German: now and then.

What does ab toilet mean?

Audio samples: – Meanings: [1] Answering machine. [4] Abortion (toilet) • References or evidence are missing for this meaning.

Why are there toilets with shelves?

Because the entire area is visible so that you can remove dirty areas directly. For this reason, such specimens are often found in public spaces, as they keep the risk of infection as low as possible. A conventional cloth is all that is needed to clean the toilet.

What does toilet mean?

WC is an abbreviation for: Water Closet, a toilet. Wadcutter, a projectile.

Why do you say go to 17?

It seems to go back to a language regulation in retail. Either the toilet had room number 17 (this also explains the designation 00 for the toilet) or it was simply a number that was not a valid telephone number in the company and was therefore available for this language rule.

Why do you say 00?

This was because in hotels in the 19th century the toilet facilities were usually located near the elevator or stairwell. Since the numbering of the rooms usually began there, the toilet rooms had the room number 0 or a two-digit 00.

Why is it called 00?

When large Intercontinental hotels were first built in the 19th century, the operators numbered each room. The toilet was (and is) not considered a room in large castles, which is why it was given the number “00”. Since then, the double zero has been used as a designation.

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