What does the association is selflessly active mean?

What does the association is selflessly active mean?

A corporation acts selflessly if it does not pursue its own economic purposes either for itself or for the benefit of its members. A corporation acts selflessly if it pursues economic interests neither for itself nor for the benefit of its members.

What can a sponsoring association sponsor?

The association does not have to limit itself to collecting and passing on funds. He can also directly support the activities of the sponsored association. E.g. by buying sports equipment or paying other club costs.

What can the board of directors of an association earn?

The Management Board is not entitled to any remuneration, but only to reimbursement of its expenses. If the board of directors receives remuneration for the performance of their duties, the contract regulations according to § 675 BGB (commercial agency) apply.

Why do you found a support association?

To support your club, you can, for example, set up a support association. Support associations go beyond financial support. The aim is to collect donations and pass on the wealth gained to an association. A support association can also maintain an economic operation.

Why does the kindergarten need a support association?

The main goals of such an association are to promote the concerns of the day care center, to provide moral and financial support for the pedagogical work and special projects (projects, new offers, purchases, etc.) and to maintain contact with former day care center parents.

How does a support association work?

A sponsoring association differs from a classic association in that the purpose of the association does not focus on the direct “enjoyment in doing”, for example the association’s own events or joint sports activities of the members, but rather on raising donations (fundraising) and the …

What is the board of directors in the association?

The board of directors is the governing body of an association. He represents his association externally in judicial and extrajudicial matters. He also assumes leadership within the club and is also responsible for it. The board of directors must be elected by the members of the association.

Who belongs on the board of a club?

The size of the board should be determined by the (planned) size of the association and its circumstances. Normally, with a normal association size of up to 300 members, the board consists of the first chairman and his deputy, as well as a treasurer (treasurer).

What do I have to consider as a board member?

Duties of the board of directors The board of directors is at the helm of the association. According to § 26 BGB, the board must represent the association externally and take over its business. He is acting on behalf of the association. The legislator stipulates that the association is liable for its members and its board of directors.

Who can become a board member in the association?

According to § 27 BGB, the members of the board are elected by the general meeting, unless the association’s statutes provide otherwise. The articles of association can stipulate that the board itself may only appoint new board members.

How many members must the board of a club have?

The only legal requirement is that the association must have a board of directors. It must consist of at least one person. There are no specifications for specific offices; that is solely determined by the articles of association. This division of tasks often makes it difficult to find candidates for the offices.

What happens if a club no longer has a chairman?

If the association finds a board of directors authorized to represent the association, the activity of the emergency board of directors expires. If not, the liquidation of the association must be initiated and the opening sentence applies: An association is not an association without a board of directors.

Can you be on the board of two clubs?

According to the German Civil Code (BGB), the following only applies: “The association must have a board of directors. The board of directors can consist of several people” (§ 26 Paragraph 1 BGB). The situation is different if one person is elected to two board positions at the general meeting.

What does the 2nd chairman do?

Special tasks of a 2nd deputy of the club chairman in case of prevention. Board member authorized to represent the company within the meaning of the German Civil Code. Member of the executive board. Authorization to sign and/or countersign for legal, financial and other official association processes.

What can a board decide?

Basically, the following applies: As the board of directors of the association, you decide whether or not to answer a specific question at the general meeting or to what extent the right to information may be exercised. Example: The general meeting wants to force you to answer a question by resolution.

Who decides on expenses in the association?

As far as expenses are concerned, which relate to normal member administration (management), i.e. office supplies, telephone, room rental, etc., the board can decide. In addition, he must ask the MV.

What is considered anti-social behavior?

Examples are, for example, “behaviour that is harmful to the association” or “gross infringement of the association’s interests”. The general meeting is responsible for the exclusion, unless the statutes provide otherwise, for example the responsibility of the board of directors.

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