What does the word pro mean?

What does the word pro mean?

Pro stands for: Latin prefix, “forward, in front of, instead of, for”, see list of Latin prefixes #P.

What does pro mean in youth slang?

“Pro” is short for “professional”.

What does pro mean in math?

1) each, each for; with accusative, dative or nominative.

What does for ever mean?

ever. meanings: [1] per, each for; with accusative.

What does depending mean?

(abbreviation) · in the event that · in the event of the cases · possibly (abbreviation) · in the event of the cases · in the event that · depending · possibly · not excluded that (…) · if · potentially · potentially under certain circumstances possibly (abbreviation) maybe possibly in the given moment (possibly)

What types of words are there?

Part of Speech: Adverb, Southern dialect IPA: [jeː] or [ʤeː] Word meaning/definition: 1) yes.

What word is yesterday?

Part of speech: adverb yesterday. Pronunciation/emphasis: IPA: [‚gɛstɐn]

Like yesterday or as yesterday?

It is correct: There are twice as many infected people “as” yesterday.

What word is today?

Today (German) Part of speech: Temporal adverb Secondary forms: colloquial: heut Hyphenation: heut|te …

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