What grades do you need for the extended secondary school certificate in Lower Saxony?

What grades do you need for the extended secondary school certificate in Lower Saxony?

In order to get the extended secondary school certificate I (extended secondary school certificate) in a vocational school, you normally need an overall grade point average of at least 3.0.

What kind of average do you need for the extended secondary school certificate?

These eight students shine in the core subjects with an average of 1.6 (an average of 2.3 is sufficient for the extended Realschule certificate) in the other 13 subjects relevant to the certificate an average of 1.4 was even achieved (compared to one for the extended Realschule certificate required …

What can you do with an advanced Realschule certificate?

If you have an extended secondary school certificate, you can attend the upper secondary school for three years in order to obtain your Abitur. You can attend the upper secondary school either at a grammar school (grades 10-12) or at a comprehensive school (depending on the school, grades 10-12 or 11-13).

What grade is 13 points?

Grade converter (above) fall back….College and studies.Grade points(decimal) gradeGrading141.0very good131.3very good121.7good112.0good12

What percentage is the grade 4?

Percentage ranges per gradeNote Maximum number of points achieved in %1 (very good)100 – 962 (good)95 – 803 (satisfactory)79 – 604 (sufficient)59 – 452

What is a 4 for a grade?

Rating scale: 1=very good, 2=good, 3=satisfactory, 4=sufficient.

Which grade with 20 points?

Grade 1from 24 points 95%from 23 points 92%Grade 2from 21 points 85%from 20 points 81%Grade 3from 17 points 68%from 17 points 67%Grade 4from 13 points 50%from 13 points 50%Grade 5from 6 points 24% from 8 points 30%6

Which grade with 14 out of 18 points?

Re: What grade?? 14 out of 18 points. 14 out of 18 points would be a smooth 3 for us. 15 to 12 or 13 points.

How do you calculate the grade from points?

The usual grades 1 to 6 are each assigned three scales of grade points. For conversion, this means: grade 1 is 15 to 13 points, grade 2 is 12 to 10 points, grade 3 is 9 to 7 points, grade 4 corresponds to 6 to 4 points, grade 5 is from 3 to 1 point and 0 points correspond to a 6.

How do you calculate the grades?

You have to add up all the homework first and then divide by the number of homework. Then you take all the remaining notes and divide by their number. Then you multiply the result of the homework value by 2 and add the other result. Finally, you divide everything by 3.

What percentage does a test count?

A class test counts for 20 percent and all tests together count for 20 percent in the main subjects.

What grade at 72 percent?

Percentage of points achieved in secondary level IGrade87 – 100very good73 – 86good59 – 72satisfactory45 – 58fair2 •

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