What happens to the children after the abortion What happens to the children after the abortion?

What happens to the children after the abortion?

After the suction, the uterus contracts to its original size with labor-like contractions. The doctor will then check whether the mucous membrane and embryo have been completely removed. The actual procedure is over after about ten to 15 minutes.

Is abortion punishable by law?

Background message Pregnancy and the desire to have children Abortion according to 218 Criminal Code. Termination of pregnancy is not punishable in certain situations. The costs can be covered by the health insurance company in the event of medical necessity or after a rape.

Under what circumstances is an abortion legally permitted in Germany?

A termination of pregnancy is fundamentally illegal according to 218 Criminal Code (StGB). However, under certain conditions, he remains exempt from punishment on the basis of the so-called advisory regulation. Abortion is also possible on the basis of a medical or criminological indication.

Who Performs the Abortion?

Abortion in Germany: legal situation The woman must seek advice from a state-approved counseling center, at least three days before the operation. She must present a written confirmation of the consultation of the doctor who will carry out the abortion.

Where can I get advice on abortion?

Where can you get the advice certificate? Pregnancy conflict counseling must be provided by a state-recognized counseling center or by a doctor with state authorization to provide pregnancy conflict counseling.

Is Abortion Free?

The statutory health insurance companies cover the costs for medical advice, for the necessary preliminary and follow-up examinations in the event of an abortion and for possible follow-up treatment in the event of complications.

When is an abortion covered by health insurance?

The health insurance companies pay abortions if they are not illegal (Section 24 b SGB V). medical indication: pregnancy seriously endangers the life of the pregnant woman or her physical or mental health. Cancellation possible without a time limit.

Can you have an abortion without parental permission?

Against their will, girls and women, even if they are not yet 18 years old, may not be forced by their parents or other persons to terminate a pregnancy or to carry it to term.

How do I get the abortion pill?

The abortion pill is not available for sale over the counter, nor is it available on prescription from pharmacies. It may only be given to gynecologists and hospitals. So the doctor performing the abortion gives the pill directly to the woman who has to take it under supervision.

How expensive is a drug abortion?

The costs are between 200 and 650 euros depending on the practice and method. A medical abortion usually costs less than an instrumental abortion, and local anesthesia costs less than general anesthesia.

Can the pill terminate a pregnancy?

A pregnancy can be terminated with medication accompanied by a doctor. This is possible up to the 63rd day after the start of the last menstrual period.

How long does it take to have an abortion?

Surgical abortion can be carried out at the 1st week of pregnancy and only takes a few minutes. In order to reduce the risk of injury to the cervix, a drug that softens the cervix is ​​usually taken before the procedure.

Can the morning-after pill harm the child?

The LNG-based morning-after pill will not work if you are already pregnant. If a woman takes LNG even though she is pregnant, neither the child nor the mother’s health is endangered. The morning-after pill also has no effect on later fertility.

What happens if you take the morning-after pill?

Side effects. After taking the morning-after pill, as with any other medication, undesirable effects are possible. These include headache, nausea and stomach ache in particular. Minimal or intermediate bleeding (“spotting”), breast tenderness and vomiting can also occur.

Can I get bleeding from the morning-after pill?

Nausea, headaches, abdominal pain, and breast tenderness usually go away after a few hours. In the days after, many women have easy bleeding. You are taking the “pill”: continue taking it as usual.

Can the morning-after pill affect the cycle?

Changed time of the next period possible The pill afterwards can postpone ovulation if taken in time. Shifting ovulation can change the cycle. The next menstruation may occur earlier or later than expected.

How long is ovulation delayed with the morning-after pill?

The safest time to take it is before ovulation. It is postponed a few days with the morning-after pill: about 5 days. The sperm do not live long enough and so no longer meet the egg cell.

Can you take the morning-after pill several times?

Twice in the same cycle During the consultation in the pharmacy, she learns what to watch out for: It is also possible to dispense ellaOne® a second time. Even with repeated use, ellaOne® is safe. Compared to the first morning-after pill, the risk of pregnancy is four times higher.

When do the side effects of the morning-after pill occur?

The pill should be taken as early as possible, but no later than three to five days after the risk exposure. Side effects include in particular nausea and vomiting, as well as cycle irregularities and intermenstrual bleeding.

How reliable is the morning-after pill?

The morning-after pill – security Even the morning-after pill does not offer 100 percent security, and contraceptives such as condoms or birth control pills are definitely safer. It is and will remain an emergency solution, and it certainly cannot be a substitute for the usual contraceptive methods.

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