What happens when a teacher is dating a student?

What happens when a teacher is dating a student?

when a teacher maintains contact with a student – ​​and at that from the same school – that goes beyond the normal teacher-student relationship! That is not right. Of course, a teacher is allowed to have sex with a student, especially if she is of legal age, i.e. 18 years old.

What can you do if your teacher bullies you?

What you can do against bullying: Confide in others – for example friends, parents or other teachers. Try to talk to the teacher and confront him with his misconduct. If the teacher denies everything or there is no improvement, the next step is to talk to the school management.More entries…•

When does a schoolwork have to be returned?

The material for a school work must be announced at least one week in advance! The material of the last two hours before the school work may no longer be part of the school work. Teachers then have one week to return the school work (also applies to tests and dictations).

How many days in advance does a test have to be announced?

They can always take place, even on the same day as class tests. The teachers do not have to announce tests in advance. The date of the class work and its focus must be announced at least one week in advance.

How long can schoolwork take?

Duration per homework: at least 50 minutes (one at least 150 minutes) Total duration: 250-350 minutes.

What happens if you miss a schoolwork?

Normally every school assignment that is missed has to be written down, definitely in Bavaria. Even the teacher has no leeway. Announced performance records, i.e. schoolwork, must be made up for – if at all possible.

How many schoolwork can you miss?

First the general regulation (first sentence): If according to the curriculum there are, for example, three homework assignments in the second semester, then the student has to make up one if he has missed two; but he only has to make up for one if he has missed all three, and then only if this is done by the end of the 2nd

How many times can you repeat a schoolwork?

A BMHS and BAKIP student may only write one paper per day and a maximum of three papers per week. At vocational schools, no more than two homework assignments may take place on one school day, and in vocational schools with a course, no more than three homework assignments may take place within a week.

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