What is a chapter heading?

What is a chapter heading? Chapter headings Chapter headings are therefore also important markings that lead through the entire text of a work. With the exception of the introduction and conclusion (these are referred to as introduction, conclusion or résumé), all chapters and sub-chapters have headings.

What are outline levels?

Specialist work – outline. In an outline, several outline levels must be distinguished: The top level is usually the level of the chapters. Each chapter can then be broken down into sub-chapters (sections). These form the second level of structure.

How must a master’s thesis be bound?

The hardcover is the classic binding and also looks particularly high-quality, because it turns your master’s thesis into a book. The hardcover binding is characterized by the fact that the cover is made of hard cardboard that is glued at the front and back, making it particularly stable.

Which paper for master thesis?

For 95% of our bachelor theses, master theses, technical theses or dissertations, we use the wood-free, bright white 100g ColorCopy paper from Mondi with a slight gloss finish. It delivers high-resolution color prints, as well as grayscale prints for text and graphics.

What binding for doctoral thesis?

The hardcover is particularly recommended if you want to have important theses bound. It is therefore suitable, for example, for binding the bachelor thesis, master thesis or dissertation. Tip: Make sure that the hard cover is the adhesive version and not the clamp version.

What is glue binding?

In perfect binding (often referred to as glue binding), the printed content is reinforced with a cardboard spine that is fused with an adhesive strip to a transparent film that serves as the cover sheet.

How does a glue binding work?

Machine perfect binding enables automatic book production in a binding or book line through the seamless transition of several production steps. With machine adhesive binding, the book blocks are connected using an adhesive (hotmelt, dispersion adhesive or PUR).

How long does hardco connection take?

As stated above, the duration for printing, binding and embossing the bachelor thesis or master thesis with hardcover binding with an average of three copies is between approx. 1:00 hours -1:15 hours.

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