What is a good friend for you?

What is a good friend for you?

Wolfgang Krüger: A good friend is someone who you can absolutely trust, who you can tell as much as possible, including fears, weaknesses and embarrassing situations. If you are in any crisis and need support – the friends that are left are the real friends.

What makes a real friend?

True friendship also means knowing and guarding each other’s secrets. No matter how embarrassing or serious: you can trust your best friend and tell everything. She doesn’t judge you and helps you find a solution when you have a problem.

What does a true friend mean to you?

A true friend is the one who stays after everyone else has left.

What do you mean by friend?

Friendship refers to a relationship between people based on mutual affection, which is characterized by sympathy and trust. A person in a friendly relationship is called a boyfriend or girlfriend.

What is important for a good partnership?

A good partner is a team player. And if a couple is a good team, they look in the same direction and support each other in their development. Without having to be the same. It’s more about complementing each other in their differences and appreciating the differences.

What does a best friend have to do to become your best friend?

Trust each other. The most important thing is that you both trust each other and can talk about the important things in life. Don’t try to use your friend for your purposes; you have to feel him and let him know that he can trust you. Be aware that your best friend has other friends too.

What do I expect from my friends?

Honesty In a friendship you can be honest and this gives you the chance to reflect and work on yourself. This honesty, even if it is sometimes uncomfortable, has nothing to do with badmouthing.

What types of friendship are there?

Aristotle distinguishes between three types of friendship: the friendship of utility, that of pleasure and the perfect friendship. Two people who love each other and are friends because they experience good things in each other love each other only for the sake of benefit.

What holds a friendship together?

1. Trust – the be-all and end-all. Trust plays an immensely important role there, because there is nothing worse than opening up to someone, confiding in them a few things and having them tell others about them. Trust is the be-all and end-all of a good friendship and should be taken for granted.

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