Should the use of cell phones be banned in school?

Should the use of cell phones be banned in school?

Bavaria has strictly regulated the use of mobile phones in the school law: mobile phones must be switched off on the entire school premises in the federal state (Article 56 paragraph 5 of the Bavarian law on education and teaching). Bringing along is always allowed, often not switched on.

What happens if a student doesn’t go to school?

FAQ: Refusal to attend school Depending on the federal state, the fine can be up to 1500 euros. In the worst case, there is a risk of imprisonment. Who has to pay the fine for truancy? From the age of 14, students have to pay the fine themselves.

How to write a deregistration for school?

De-registering my child FIRST NAME LAST NAME from school XY Dear Ms/Mr Headmaster (or: dear Sir or Madam), I hereby register my child with the name FIRST NAME LAST NAME because of relocation / emigration / change of school from school XY away. The last day of school is expected to be the XX.

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