What is a notification message?

What is a notification message?

A report is the same as a message and you can find it on all common news portals and in every newspaper. Basically, a report is about informing a person who was not present at an event, briefly and concisely, about what happened.

How do you recognize a report?

Characteristics of a report The text form of a report has certain characteristics: A report is a text that factually and objectively describes an event or an action (e.g. There are different types of reports: accident report, police report, travel report, internship report or newspaper report.

What does a report mean?

A report is a longer journalistic form of presentation based on a news story. Like these, he describes a fact or an action without containing any judgments by the author. In contrast to the news, the report presents what is happening in context.

What is the goal of a report?

The report pursues the goal of informing a communication partner about a non-repeatable, past process or event in an exact, understandable, brief, precise and in the correct order. The reporting person steps back as a person, the focus is on the facts.

What is a good report?

A report is a text that describes an event or a state of affairs without containing the author’s own opinion. It is important that he gives us precise information about what is happening. It should therefore provide factual and precise information.

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