How does a hypotaxis work?

How does a hypotaxis work?

Hypotaxes are often found in the language of science (technical language). In contrast to the parataxis, a hypotaxis often has an explanatory and informative effect, because the attached subordinate clauses can underline the statement of the main clause.

How does a paratactic sentence structure work?

The parataxis describes a series of independent clauses, i.e. main clauses. It is essential that this sequence is not interrupted by subordinate clauses, i.e. subordinate clauses. In addition, the sequence of words and groups of words can also be considered paratactic.

What does a hypotactic sentence structure do?

The hypotactic sentence structure is characterized by the fact that main clauses are connected with subordinate clauses. The result is long, nested sentences that are linked by conjunctions. Conjunctions are connecting words. You put a subordinate clause in relation to a main clause.

What is Hypotactic and Paratactic?

Hypotactic sentence structure: sentences that consist of a main clause and one (several) subordinate clause(s). Paratactic sentence structure: Writing style in which two (several) main clauses are lined up next to each other (i.e. no subordinate clauses).

What is Paratactic?

In grammar, the parataxis (ancient Greek παράταξις parátaxis “allocation, subordination, coordination”) is the equal ranking of main clauses, or, in a broader sense, also an equal ranking of groups of words in general.

What is hypotax?

As a hypotaxis (ancient Greek ὑπό hypo “under” and τάξις táxis “order”) in grammar, the subordination of a subordinate clause to another clause is called (whereby this other clause can be a main clause or itself a subordinate clause).

Why use an inversion?

Inversion here means changing the usual and regular word order of a sentence. In particular, the conversion of subject and predicate is meant. Inversion is used to emphasize a word and reinforce what is being said.

Why are ellipses used?

The ellipsis is a stylistic device that can undermine the basics of grammar. Sentence structures that lack elementary components are correct because they are still understandable and at the same time loosen up the text or speech. Certain parts of a sentence can be omitted using the ellipse.

What does an inversion express?

Inversion is the reversal of the usual word order, usually subject and predicate, to emphasize a term. This is often done for metric reasons. An increase in importance is achieved.

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