What is a Thought Leader?

What is a Thought Leader?

Forbes Magazine provides a clear definition: A thought leader is a person or company that potential customers, partners, experts and even competitors recognize as the leading authority in their specialty.

What is a leader?

What is a leader? Leaders are people who share their vision with others and motivate them to pursue a specific goal. A leader can infect others with his enthusiasm and inspire others through his own actions. He wants to make a difference and achieve real change.

What is servant?

ser|vant, plural: ser|vants. Word meaning/definition: 1) maid, farm hand, servant, maid, waiter, domestic.

What makes a good leader?

The leader mix consists of a charismatic personality, talent for leadership, certain competences and skills as well as own values, strengths of character and a portion of willpower. All of this ultimately leads to the behavior of a good leader.

What makes a successful manager?

Successful managers enjoy taking on responsibility; they feel content to be at the top. They are endowed with a degree of confidence that allows them to move forward boldly.

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