What is an Assertion Discussion?

What is an Assertion Discussion?

In the discussion you argue in writing. An assertion or demand (thesis) is justified with arguments and facts and proven with examples (including evidence or quotations). In a linear discussion, one speaks only for one thing or against one thing.

What is the BBB scheme?

The basic structure of any argument is based on three pillars: The 3-B scheme. With this structure you formulate a clear point of view. Every argument begins with an assertion. The assertion can be: a thesis, a proposal, an idea, an opinion.

How do you analyze an argument structure?

Analyze the structure of the text. Go through the argument structure of the text. Consider the content of the text with the help of the W-questions with regard to the question (content analysis) Analyze the language of the text – if possible taking into account the background.

When is an argument strong?

Strong arguments don’t need to be wrapped up. You are strong on your own. The logically based arguments are strongest. Moral arguments are mostly rather weak and interpretable.

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