What is an auditory processing disorder?

What is an auditory processing disorder?

An auditory processing and/or perception disorder (AVWS) is present if central processes of hearing are disturbed with a normal tone audiogram (Nickisch et al., 2007).

Is Avws hereditary?

APD could also be caused by genetic factors and heredity, being born prematurely, or brain damage in early childhood, for example due to a lack of oxygen during birth.

What is done in pediatric audiology?

Pediatric audiological examination or examinations of auditory processing and perception (AVWST): This clinical picture is not a disorder of the hearing organ. Rather, what is disturbed is the transmission and further processing of what is heard by the auditory nerve and the cerebrum.

What to do with visual perception disorder?

An expert should be consulted to ensure that a visual perception disorder is really the cause of the problems at school. The pediatrician is the first point of contact. Specialists such as ophthalmologists or orthoptists can be recommended there for a more detailed diagnosis.

What is perceptual disorder?

A perceptual disorder is a disorder in the processing of sensory impressions in the central nervous system. Perception disorders in the narrower sense are present when the acquisition of sensory stimuli (e.g.

What does perception mean for children?

Senses provide people with information on how they perceive their environment. All senses are challenged, trained and refined through movement. A child learns to coordinate the individual stimuli of the various sensory centers, to classify them correctly and to react to them appropriately.

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