What is an autobiographical narrative?

What is an autobiographical narrative?

Definition. Autobiography (Greek auts = self, bos = life, graphein = to write) is the literary representation of one’s own life or individual sections of it. also the literary diary, the autobiographical novel and the apology?.

What is biography work in nursing?

Definition of biographical work: In geriatric care, biographical work is a process of activating care and ensures that the needs of the customer are addressed individually. People with dementia in particular are sometimes no longer able to clearly express their needs.

What is biographical information?

Feedback biographical data, e.g. B. to family of origin, career (school, job), partnership, children, social integration, living situation, etc.

What are biographical questions?

Biographical questionnaires are used for the standardized collection of “verifiable objective or subjective information and assessments of past, present and future characteristics of the life story”. This is also referred to as “L data” (life record data).

What is external biography?

Inner and outer biography The curriculum vitae is the outer biography It consists of objective events and changes in life. The inner side of the biography is important for the biography work. Here life events are evaluated and classified in the life story.

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