What is civil courage simply explained?

What is civil courage simply explained?

The term “civil courage” is made up of the Latin “civis” – which means “citizen” – and the French “courage” – which means “courage”. What is meant is that people from the population have the courage to intervene and provide help in the event of conflicts and acts of violence.

Why should one show civil courage?

Moral courage therefore also means recognizing critical situations in advance and getting involved early on. The scope for action is then greater, direct confrontation between the perpetrator and the victim or the perpetrator and yourself can often be avoided.

What is civil courage examples?

There are different ways to show civil courage. Here are a few examples: Providing orientation when a child or an elderly person is lost. Observe a pickpocket, call the police as soon as possible, memorize the characteristics of the perpetrator (witness card) and, if possible, follow him inconspicuously.

What is Courage Wikipedia?

Courage ku’ra: (Foreign word from French: Courage, German: courage or courage) denotes: Courage International, apostolate for lesbian and gay Catholics. Moral courage, public advocacy for social values ​​or values ​​of the general public.

What is the courage?

The noun Courage (die) means “courage”, “courage” or “boldness”. If you talk about a person’s courage, there is usually a certain admiration. The term comes from the French courage and was taken directly into German together with the meaning.

Where does the name of Wikipedia come from?

What is a wiki and where does the name come from? Ward Cunningham developed the first wiki in 1994. The name “wiki” is derived from the Hawaiian term for “fast”: “wikiwiki” refers to the fact that it is very easy to edit the pages of a wiki directly in the web browser to change their content.

Who writes on Wikipedia?

Anyone can contribute to Wikipedia. But the encyclopedia of the 21st century is mostly edited by men who write about men.

Can you make money with Wikipedia?

Wikia’s business model is quickly explained: Users can get a free wiki there and post content under a free license similar to that of Wikipedia. Wikia, in turn, places customer advertisements in the pages, earning the cost of its servers and a possible profit.

Should you donate to Wikipedia?

Every year before Christmas, Wikipedia asks its readers to donate a small sum, after all, Wikipedia is free and is only written by volunteers. Everything has to fit, after all, up to 10 million people see the banner on the German Wikipedia page every day.

What is IncluPedia?

IncluPedia is an encyclopedia project founded in 2013 in the form of a wiki based on the free wiki software MediaWiki, which is written in the PHP scripting language.

What is a media wiki?

MediaWiki is a freely available content management software in the form of a wiki system. This means that any user can change the content by accessing it through the browser. It was originally developed for the free encyclopedia Wikipedia.

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