What is in the header of an application?

What is in the header of an application?

Let’s start with the header. Use it in your résumé by including all of your contact details, it can be in one line, it can be in two lines. Name, address, the telephone number at which you would most like to be reached, your email address.

What is the line spacing for an application?

You can also write your application in full justification. Note, however, that this feature can interfere with reading fluency if the spaces between words vary widely. The line spacing can be set to single or 1.5 times. Depending on the length of the text, you should use these distances (uniform!)

Which format for applications?

So that you can be on the safe side, send your application exclusively as a PDF (Portable Document Format; in German: (transport) portable document format).

Where do you set the date on an application?

The date is right-justified on the application, one line below the address.

Where is the date

Write a letter: This is where the date belongs. The date is usually placed between the recipient and the subject. However, there is no exactly correct position here. After you’ve completed the three or four lines for the recipient’s address, you can go straight to the date.

How do you say the date in German?

General dates: Written: Today is September 25th, 2014. Today is spoken: Today is September 25th. Today is the twenty-fifth and ninth.

Where does the date go in a letter?

Know what the letter is about – simply with the subject line. Place the subject line two lines below the address field (not below the actual address). If there is no reference character line, leave two lines free after the ninth line before you write the subject.

How do you write the date in letters?

The international notation According to DIN 5008, the date is written internationally in this order: YYYY-MM-DD (four-digit year, two-digit month, two-digit day, each divided by a hyphen).

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