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11 winter color palettes that work well all year round

Are you ready to step away from the traditional red and green color scheme in your Christmas decorations this winter? We present you some seasonal and sophisticated ideas here and try to inspire you for other color palettes.

Taupe + cobalt + black

sofa cushion-blue

Frosty blue in all its nuances is in this year

Frosty shades of blue go perfectly with the festive atmosphere at Christmas. Mixed with a bit of taupe and graphic black, this combination feels like a wonderful winter morning in the mountains.

A trio of ivory, lavender and charcoal hues


All of these modern colors have a calming effect on us

The dark gray primer of the palette lets the lavender and ivory colors come out perfectly. The trio of these three color nuances has a casual and somewhat romantic effect. These soft colors are calming and clearly modern this winter.

Cream + soft gray + slate blue


You can decorate your room in these three colors all year long and you wouldn’t go wrong with it

Thin birch trunks decorated with LED wire lamps add a natural simplicity and festive glow to a light gray wall. Shades of cream, soft gray and slate blue are perfect for your year-round furnishings at home and bring a festive flair with them.

White + gold + chartreuse

christmas decoration

Chartreuse is a trendy color that you can combine wonderfully with white and gold

We love this combination because of its versatility. White and gold are the undisputed classics of the winter season, you have probably already integrated them into your Christmas decorations. The Chartreuse color is a clever addition that gives the palette a fresh, sassy touch.

Powder blue + evergreen + teal


If you want to select unusual shades of blue … ..

By mixing a variety of shades of blue together, you get an eye-catching mix of colors that will make your color palette look a bit more upscale at home.

Ivory color + gray + spruce green

christmas crafts gifts

An interesting mix of soft colors on a green background

Nature is a real artist at creating beautiful color palettes. The three hues in this slightly earthy combo work well together thanks to their organic simplicity. We only recommend: do the gift wrapping in ivory and gray and then let your Christmas tree shine in green.

Orange + teal

table decoration-ideas-orange-accents

Put orange accents and admire their visual impact

A lot of people think that orange and teal don’t go well together. They are also slightly opposite colors. But pairing these is worth it, you will get a strong visual effect.

White + red + black


Classic in black and white and now for Christmas red should not be missing

This color combination is timeless and yet modern. The mixture of colors gives this beautifully set festive table a chic and somewhat sublime touch.

White + taupe + red

christmas decor living room

This color combination radiates warmth

It’s amazing how you can modernize a traditional palette with a new color. The red, here slightly rosy hue immediately gives this combo a trendy note. If your furniture is neutral this is a must have.

Gold + black

gold-and-black table decorations

Combine gold and black and achieve a glamorous look

Gold and black make such a fancy and beautiful color combination! This classic color duo with its gloss and shimmer makes every table decoration something special. Add a matte black element and you have an instant glamorous look that steals the show even after the holidays.

Brilliant white and Kelly Green


Snow white can be paired well with Kelly Green and this creates a particularly effective color duo

This combination of cheerful Kelly Green paired with a clear white looks very modern with a lively, festive note.

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