What is Literature Eagleton?

What is Literature Eagleton?

To paraphrase the English literary theorist Terry Eagleton, literature can be understood as imaginative writing in the sense of ‘fiction’ [definiert werden] as writing that is not literally true.

What does depragmatization mean?

Depragmatization / defunctionalization However, the criterion of fictionality is not sufficient to determine the character of literature. Rather, it is crucial that literature (in the sense of poetry) has no direct/material relationship to reality or suspends it.

What is not literature?

When we speak of literature today, we mostly mean poetry, ie plays, poems, novels, stories, etc., in contrast to non-literary texts, so-called factual texts.

What is important in a short story?

The most important characteristics of the short story You can recognize a short story by certain characteristics: relatively short. no introduction, but immediate beginning of the action. no exposition, ie no detailed presentation of the characters or the place of action.

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