What is meant by application and acceptance?

What is meant by application and acceptance?

Acceptance of a contract offer: Declaration with which a person expresses his or her consent to an offer (in law: “application”). A contract comes about through two identical declarations of intent: offer and acceptance (§§ 145, 146 BGB).

Is an offer an application?

Declaration of intent aimed at concluding a contract (offer). The offer (application) is binding for the applicant, unless he has excluded the obligation (§ 145 BGB).

Is a non-binding offer an application?

Subject to change and non-binding: The offer is not legally binding. Basically: Whoever submits an offer is legally bound to it. For the recipient, your offer is to be interpreted as an invitation to submit an offer. But be careful, there is a trap lurking here!

When is an offer an offer?

The offer (or application) is a declaration of intent through which the offeror requests a specific person to purchase a specified product under specified conditions. Offers oblige providers for a certain period of time to deliver the goods to the buyer under the specified conditions if he orders them.

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