What is my marital status?

What is my marital status?

The marital status is coded as follows: LD (single) VH (married) VW (widowed) GS (divorced) EA (marriage canceled) LP (in a registered civil partnership) LV (civil partnership dissolved by death) LA (dissolved civil partnership)

What does marital status mean?

Relationship established under family law between persons who are single, married, divorced or widowed by birth (civil status), marriage, separation or death.

What are the marital statuses?

Swiss law has the following marital statuses: Single, married, divorced, widowed, unmarried – in a registered partnership, dissolved partnership: partnership dissolved by court, partnership dissolved by death, partnership dissolved by declaration of disappearance.

What is the marital status in Switzerland?

In Switzerland, the civil registry office is an office that carries out the tasks set out in the civil status ordinance (ZStV). This includes, among other things, the certification of births, marriages, partnerships and deaths.

What is a civil status register?

The registers contain records of births, marriages and deaths. They had to be performed in duplicate. The mayor of the respective town was responsible for the tour.

Is engaged a marital status?

The engagement is still going on. According to Article 90 of the Civil Code, a man and a woman are engaged when they promise to marry each other. A special shape is not required for this. At the latest, the couple is considered engaged when they register the marriage with the registry office.

What is being engaged?

What is the meaning of the engagement? The mutual promise of two people to marry is known as engagement. With an engagement, the couple testifies to their desire to enter into marriage. It does not matter whether the partners are of the same or different sexes.

Are you still single when you’re engaged?

engaged corresponds to single, sometimes there is the option single (engaged) to be ticked in questionnaires, but otherwise as usual.

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